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Nikon Coolpix S3700

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COOLPIX S3700 Primary Features

  1. A refined design, and a slim and lightweight body that can be taken anywhere

    Despite extensive use of an aluminum alloy metal, the camera has a depth of approximately 20.1 mm*1 and a weight of approximately 118 g*2, making it slim and lightweight enough to be taken anywhere. An elegant and refined design, with a firm and comfortable grip that makes the camera very user friendly, also increases its functionality. The S3700 is also available in a wide variety of colors.

    • *1Excluding protrusions.
    • *2Including battery and memory card.
  2. An 8x optical zoom NIKKOR lens that achieves the superior image quality only a true camera can offer

    The S3700 is equipped with a high-performance NIKKOR lens, itself equipped with a lens-shift vibration reduction (VR) function, that makes the most of the detail possible with an effective pixel count of 20.1-million pixels*. The lens offers 8x optical zoom that covers the wide-angle 25 mm to telephoto 200 mm angles of view (equivalent focal lengths in 35mm [135] format) and supports capture of images exhibiting superior image quality and in which blur is effectively controlled, even when Dynamic Fine Zoom is used to increase zoom capability up to 16x, or an angle of view of approximately 400 mm (equivalent focal length in 35mm [135] format).

    • *May be reduced by image processing.
  3. Built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC support*1 that allow users to easily enjoy sharing images

    The S3700 supports NFC*1, which enables Wi-Fi® connection by simply touching the camera to a smart device such as a smartphone*2. Connection to smart devices that do not support NFC is also simple using the camera's new Wi-Fi® button, allowing users to immediately transfer images to a smart device, from which they can be uploaded to an SNS, even while on vacation or attending a special event. In addition, the smart device to which the camera is connected via Wi-Fi® can also be used as a remote control because the display on the smart device can be used to frame images and control shooting remotely.

    • *1Supported only by devices running Android™ 4.0 or later. Still images only.
    • *2The Wireless Mobile Utility app must first be installed on the smart device (the app can be downloaded free of charge from the smart device's app store).
  4. Improved Smart Portrait mode
    • By simply selecting this mode prior to shooting, users can enjoy a variety of forms of expression.

      Functions for adjusting the appearance of skin tones or the overall ambiance of images
      Skin softening: Smooth skin tones and wrinkles in human faces.
      Foundation Makeup: Adjust skin tones.
      Soft: Soften the overall impression of images.
      Vividness: Adjust the vividness of images overall.

      Functions for capturing the best portraits
      Smile timer*: The camera automatically releases the shutter whenever a smiling face is detected.
      Blink proof*: The camera automatically releases the shutter twice with every shot and saves the image in which the subject's eyes are open.

      Functions for capturing self-portraits that users can also enjoy with friends
      Self-collage*: The camera captures a series of four or nine images at intervals and saves them as a single collage image. The series of images captured for a self-collage are also saved as individual images.

      • *May not be available in combination with other functions.
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